Zeng Gaofei: left hand finance, right hand literature, speaking with works (Reprinted)

Zeng Gaofei has just finished the collation of the 400000 word series of “Gao Feirui’s thoughts, finance and Economics Series No. 3” fighting for the right to speak, and handed over the electronic version to China Economic Publishing House. This is the second work he handed to the press this year. In May, the prose collection remembering nostalgia, which focuses on the local conditions and customs of southern Hunan and remembering his own growth experience, has signed a publishing contract with Hunan people’s Publishing House and will be published in the fourth quarter of this year. Hunan people’s publishing house hasn’t published a collection of essays for some years. The topic selection meeting agreed that “remember nostalgia” is of first-class quality and is a rare collection of essays in recent years, and decided to publish it as an exception.

It is reported that Zeng Gaofei has four completed works in hand: the great change of discourse power (No.4) of Gao Feirui’s thought series, the drumming of business ethics (No.5), the collection of essays “the bitter and happy years” and the first “struggling growth” of the novel “our 70s”. Among them, “Shangdao drumming”, “bittersweet years” and “struggling growth” were written in the first half of this year.

The sudden epidemic situation made Zeng Gaofei stay at home, stay at home, have time to read, think and write, and usher in a rare creative peak. He insisted on one or two financial articles a day, two essays or 20000 word novels a week. He said that after forty, especially after forty-five, the sense of urgency becomes stronger and stronger, and time becomes more and more precious. He works as a writer. If he doesn’t write anything for a day, he gets bored and feels unable to explain himself to readers, fans and himself.

Since 2020, Zeng Gaofei plans to write and publish four books, two financial books and two literature books every year. In the first half of this year, this plan was carried out step by step; Now, Zeng Gaofei is setting sail and concentrating on playing the second half.

Left hand finance, right hand literature, speaking with works

In the financial circle, Zeng Gaofei is famous for his writing. Since he joined renmin.com in 2006 and was in charge of economic reporting, he has been writing incessantly, insisting on originality every day. Up to now, he has published more than 4000 financial news and observation articles.

Zeng Gaofei has a broad vision and wide contact area. He is involved in the Internet, home appliances, real estate and automobiles. His voice can often be heard in almost all the key and hot news. He has been trying to explain the professional financial field in easy to understand language to help readers get rid of the fog, touch the deep-seated reasons behind the economic phenomenon, and predict the development trend of the industry and the future fate of the enterprise, which is often very accurate, often causing a sensation in the circle and becoming a 10W + blockbuster article. The highest number of Sohu’s reading volume is about 10000000, WeChat’s official account number is about 300000, and the number of articles with the most comments is more than 40 thousand.

In 2018, Deng Aiai, editor of China Economic Publishing House, felt that Zeng Gaofei’s articles were ideological, targeted and readable, which were suitable for publishing. The two sides hit it off and reached an in-depth strategic cooperation intention, preparing to launch “Gao Feirui’s thoughts and Finance Series”. Zeng Gaofei selected more than 80 excellent articles from the thousands of observation articles published in recent years, and integrated them into the book of industry and economics, which was submitted to China Economic Publishing House. When the books came out, the market responded well. At the end of 2019, the two sides strike while the iron is hot, and launched the second book of Gao Feirui’s thoughts and Finance Series “decisive voice”.

Zeng Gaofei said that each year, Gao Feirui’s thought series will launch new works, but the form may be different. Now it’s a collection, and later it may be a systematic and in-depth study on a certain industry or topic. Each book will explain a problem.

In addition to finance and economics, Zeng Gaofei also engaged in literary creation, focusing on prose and novels. Before he went to Beijing to work as a media, he was a young writer. He published more than 400 poems, essays and novels. He also published a collection of novels, such as “wanted for love”, novels, such as “desire for the world of mortals” and “mobile world”. Literature has always been his dream. Later, when he entered the media, he had to give up because of the need of work. But that dream has been dormant in his heart and never left.

In June 2019, under the persuasion of university teachers and literary critics Zhong Youxun and Cheng songliu, Zeng Gaofei decided to return to the literary world and regain his literary dream. In the second half of 2019, he wrote a collection of essays “remember nostalgia”, about 50 essays. After the publication of these essays, the post-50s, post-60s, Post-70s and post-80s netizens aroused a warm response. They said that they aroused their nostalgia and deep memory of the disappearing era, and became a unique landscape in the local prose.

Zeng Gaofei thinks that novels are the crown and Pearl of literary works. In order to return to the literary world, the creation of novels is a mountain that must be crossed. He hasn’t written for more than ten years. Zeng Gaofei is no longer familiar with the writing of novels, but he hasn’t given up. He started writing in March this year, started writing in April, and finished the first draft in May. He created the first “struggling growth” (about 160000 words) of the novel series “our 70s”. He is currently working on the second “blooming youth”, and plans to complete the first draft this year.

“Our 70s” is a description of the growth, life, career and feelings of the Post-70s. Originally, it was planned to be a trilogy. Later, when it was written, it was found that there were too many stories to tell and too much to say, so it grew longer and longer. Now it is planned to write six books, about 1 million words, to mark Lu Yao’s “ordinary world”.

Live in the present with finance, and live in history with literature

While writing finance and literature, Zeng Gaofei didn’t feel tired of dealing with it. On the contrary, he felt that the two complemented each other and could help each other. Finance and economics finished writing literature and literature finished writing finance and economics. However, there is a principle: whether it is financial or literary works, Zeng Gaofei strictly controls the quality. Articles that he can’t pass this pass are determined not to contribute to the media or read by the audience. He insists on “speaking with works”.

In Zeng Gaofei’s view, finance and economics is a timely work. It is time-consuming and necessary for his work. No matter how well he does it, it has obvious limitations. It is not only small but also can’t be handed down to the world. He, who is a Chinese major, hopes to be “virtuous and eloquent” as well as Chinese cultural people. He has a complex of “keeping his heart and taking care of history” and hopes to live in history.

Zeng Gaofei regarded literature as the starting point of realizing the popularization of audience and helping himself to solve the problem of “who am I” in history. Now that he has resumed his dream and returned to the literary world, he will go on firmly. Influenced by the Internet, the current video and fast food culture have a huge impact on literature. However, Zeng Gaofei believes that it must be literary works that can stand the test of time and become cultural classics, which requires the creators to endure loneliness.

With his complicated experience and strong writing skills, Zeng Gaofei was free to switch between finance and literature. He used to be a young writer. He also spent seven or eight years in a large enterprise. He has been in charge of brand, publicity, corporate culture and marketing planning. He is familiar with the principles of enterprise operation, which makes him have both literary talent and grounding in finance and economics. In the media these years, Zeng Gaofei has been writing ceaselessly. He is proficient in writing. He is still young in literature. His media career and financial writing in these years have also accumulated rich materials for his literary creation.

Zeng Gaofei hopes to break three boundaries through his own efforts: finance and literature, the minority and the public, and the present and history, so that he can not only live in the present, but also live in the history, so that the minority of Finance and literature and the public can complement each other, so that his financial readers can be more influenced by literature, and his literary readers can supplement their financial knowledge.

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