The trend and rhythm are clear, and the idea can be simple

The individual stocks in the market on Monday were very good-looking again. They rose more and fell less, and technology, new energy, software, etc. blossomed everywhere.

In particular, many of the technology stocks reached new highs. This shows that the thinking in advance analysis is correct. Those investors who frightened the market after a quick sell-off last Friday will regret it again when they see that many stocks have risen happily today.

In fact, most investors are at a loss during this rise and fall, and they always fall. It doesn’t make any sense to be at the top or downtrend at one point. In the last blog post, I first gave you a clear positioning that the upward trend will not change. Here, the adjustment of pressure meets resistance is normal, just go through the process of repeated seesaws. There is no need to be surprised and emphasized. Even if the index fluctuates, there will still be structural market rotations for individual stocks, so we have positioned in advance the low-end stocks whose interim report performance exceeds expectations, oversold low-value technology, consumption, energy, chemicals, software, etc., and there are still bargaining opportunities.

The digging variety exists! The facts have all been verified today, the index slightly resisted the rebound recovery, and the individual stocks are very hot. Moreover, the rebound of individual stocks today is generally stronger than that of last Friday’s decline, and the decline of last Friday is actually just a pattern of killing heavy blue chips and highly valued stocks, which is still the case today. In the previous period, I analyzed the high-position stocks that stay away from institutions and will fall sharply again at any time. Today, the so-called leaders of various industries in the early stage of the organization have fallen miserably, in fact, they have been falling continuously recently. This is to kill the valuation trend, also known as the compensation mode.

If your investment ideas are incorrect, it is easy to be jealous and hateful. There is no need to say more about the overall pattern of the market. The analysis of the previous blog post is very specific, and the idea of ​​positioning the investment sector is clear in advance. Keep up the short-term thinking on whatever you want.

For the market, it is analyzed in advance that there is a high probability that it will not continue to accelerate the decline, because the market has limited room for adjustment and shock, and the market does not have much room to kill. Therefore, the short-term adjustment of the market can be done repeatedly, that is, fast. Retreat-resistance to repair rebound-shock adjustment-stabilized and rebounded. These four steps are currently in the process of resistance repair rebound, and the strength of this resistance repair rebound can be judged by 3558 points, which is relatively simple.

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