The market rebounded with shocks, the key is to enlarge the trading volume

Today, the three major indexes fluctuated upwards, forming important support at 3,500 points, which is near the 60-day and 120-day moving averages. It is good to close at the highest point after the volatility rises, and individual stocks also rose more and fell less, and the 28 phenomenon was very clear. Although the large top varieties performed poorly today, the concentration of small market capitalization stocks rose, which is still better.


We see that today’s Science and Technology 50 has a relatively strong trend, rising by more than 2%, and the ChiNext trend is also optimistic. From the perspective of individual stocks driving the index upward, China Life, Weir, Huayou Cobalt, China Shenhua, Wanhua Chemical, Pien Tze Huang, etc. have all contributed to the index. In contrast, in the Shenzhen market, BYD, Luxshare Precision, Chang’an Automobile, Ganfeng Lithium, and North China Chuang have comparative advantages. Therefore, the performance of the two cities is relatively obvious, and attention should be paid to the market trends in the later period.


On the handicap, the trading volume was not released, and the two cities just reached the 1 trillion standard. If this pattern continues to be performed tomorrow, there may be continued shocks. Today, at least two aspects will be explained: one is that the market has relative support at 3,500 points, and the other is more critical here, because the downside space was relatively large last Friday. If it cannot be recovered quickly in a short time, the market will continue to be tested. The possibility of lower support, that is to say, whether the 3500 points are effective remains to be seen. At least the market will stop falling at this position and continue to move higher to bring certain trends to the later market, so everyone should pay attention to it.


In terms of individual stocks, today, more than 30 stocks have increased by more than 10%. The ChiNext and Sci-tech Innovation Board stocks have trended prominently. Nearly 100 companies have reached more than 9%, while only more than a dozen companies have fallen more than 9%. Therefore, the opportunity is still Reflected in strong and well-performing stocks. Non-ferrous metals, resources, automobiles, etc. are collectively active in the sector, driving other technological varieties, chips, lithography machines, Apple, and Samsung. However, today’s major agricultural and health defense stocks are relatively weak, and we must continue to track the market trend.


Generally speaking, the market still has certain opportunities to be tapped. We are expected to increase the probability of success in the operation of some resource-type and battery-type sectors represented by automobiles in the big consumption. In terms of operational strategy, the strategy is more strategic. Now that the market is consolidating near the half-year line, there is a high probability that the rebound will continue in a short period of time.



Tip: The above information is for reference only, not as a specific operation suggestion. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.

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