The double neckline area is temporarily supported, and observe whether the low level can be expanded

Today, the market rebounded slightly. In the morning, the power battery, rare earth and other bulk commodities, chemical and other sectors rose, and the pharmaceutical sector fell. The Shanghai index slightly corrected in the afternoon and began to build a time-sharing low point ( The level is not big), the semiconductor, automobile and other sectors recovered in the afternoon, the market turbulence climbed to the close, and the two cities maintained a trillion-dollar red market with nearly 70% of individual stocks.


The market rebounded slightly in the morning today to slow down, and the market fell again in the afternoon to complete the unfinished low-point action that was not completed last Friday. The Shanghai Index rebounded slightly after building a small low point (5-15 points level), but it was approaching the end. The choice of a sneak attack also represents a difference in funding. Tomorrow’s market will continue to weaken and become stronger. The standard for the market to continue to weaken to strong is to bring the volume up to the 3545 area. It is also a process of expanding the low-point level. At present, the low-point level is not enough. After the evolution, expand the low point (the current neckline back pressure in the area of 3572 above is still there), or choose to step back again to build a low point above the 30-minute level, which will help the market rebound.


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