The destination of the market will not change! Stage shocks to prevent rushing higher and falling again on Tuesday!

The destination of the market will not change! Stage shocks to prevent rushing higher and then falling again on Tuesday!

The destination of the market will not change! Stage shocks to prevent rushing higher and then falling again on Tuesday! Remind fans that the general direction and phase of the market are short-term? First of all, as an investor, you must unconditionally understand the state of the fundamentals of the market, the policy orientation, and the real purpose of the main control and maintenance of the market? And we must figure out what are the strong reminders of the overall technology and phased technology of the market? Otherwise, your thoughts and operations will be a mess. How can you not lose money in this characteristic market? So what is the current overall situation of the market? For uninformed new friends, it is very necessary for us to review the important comments repeated over a long period of time at the close of June 11 and have a deep understanding of the market. Only in this way can we truly avoid market risks and grasp the short-term limited opportunities for the 2021 market shocks that have been reviewed since the beginning of this year. In this regard, Luoyang Shangguan endured the humiliation and lived up to expectations and continued to remind the current market conditions with all his heart.


1. The fundamentals of the A-share market have continued to boost domestic demand on a large scale for many years because more than a decade ago (a rare one-time increase in deposits and loans by two percentage points in the world in June 2008 suppressed the market). As a result, the industrial chain has been severely distorted for a long time, so that inflation and deflation have continued to rise for many years. The P/E ratio of the A-share market has been tens of times, hundreds of times, a large number of losses and performance fraud for a long time and even now. Compared with the international market, the average price-earnings ratio is generally 18 times. The A-share market urgently needs a long period of digestion (regulating the market to continue to operate steadily…soundly and healthily).


2. The A-share policy is in a long-term “intensive” supply-side reform to promote asset securitization (regulate market stability…stable and healthy operation) transfer a large number of non-performing assets to promote the transformation of a large number of sunset industries, and resolve the large amount of finance accumulated more than ten years ago in history The status of the long-term control process of the bubble risk policy. There is no doubt that it will be inevitable for the market for a long time.


3. At present, the overall technology of the market is in the long-term big bear market adjustments of A, B, and C launched by artificially suppressing the healthy economy in 2008, and there has been no change. We are currently in the intricate rebound process of the second wave (a, b, c) of the long-term big C wave that we reviewed on June 8, 2015 (the sub-wave 5 sideways), that is, the year of 2021 reviewed since January The box (double triple) oscillates. The 3328 small waves (smaller levels a, b, and c) of the box shock are running, which is the initial stage of the c5 wave falling.


4. What is the reason behind the main force’s long-term “shoulder responsibility” to manipulate the market index? Undoubtedly, it is cooperating with policies to control the market, accelerating supply-side reforms and promoting asset securitization. [The reason for the intricacies of the market is recommended to pay attention to the important comments on May 17th. Pay attention to the following technical graphics of the continuous appreciation of the renminbi, which has a negative impact on the market. Pay attention to the following weekly K-line technical reminders of the Shanghai Composite Index. Only then can you have a deep understanding of the market and solve your problems. 】So we have always reminded that the main force is the index, not the stock price. Therefore, the long-term and phased nature of the market is a short-term confirmation that the majority of stocks in our comment main care index refuse to rise, and pay the price of cruel decline for a long time.


In summary, the above will undoubtedly lead to A shares (for details, follow the important comments on May 17 below), the long-term continuous confirmation since 2008 has been [Redirecting Riben’s real estate bubble and the stock market has run for more than 30 years in a bear market] We comment that A shares have entered a long-term Bear market A, B, C adjustment. Currently in the process of supply-side reform and regulation of the market, promoting asset securitization to resolve market risks (regulating the stable and healthy operation of the market), the long and large C wave [the fifth wave of the C2 wave is intricately organized in 2021]. The market continued to confirm the high volatility on May 25, June 11 and June 29. The main force of the stability maintenance and protection plate gradually dropped to the lower rail of the 2021 box 3328 to ease. What is the current state of the market technology disk? In this regard, we remind once again that the market will not change our opinion last weekend: the market will be reversed this week with the main force of the stability maintenance and protection…re-test the important support near 3495. Remind you to be more vigilant once it effectively breaks below the 3495 dynamic support. The short-term strategy is mainly to reduce pounds. Don’t get entangled in the market. Then today (July 5), the main force of the main stability maintenance pan “East Hammer, West One Stick” controls multiple heavyweight [coal, steel, non-ferrous metals, rare earth permanent magnets, rare metals] sectors, and markets [lithium batteries, charging piles , Super Capacitors, Science and Technology Innovation Board (high-priced stocks)] The hot market is still alive and the vast majority of individual stocks refuse to rise. How will the market go on Tuesday? Based on the market technology, it is in the process of exploring the lower rail of the 3328 box in 2021, and based on the warning that the disk surface is always unhealthy. Luoyang Shangguan reminded that even if the market stage is confirmed last weekend, the comments remain above 3395. However, in the short-term, we must guard against the broader market’s slight rise on Tuesday, which was blocked near 3537 and then fell back, and most stocks fell again. Operating strategy is weak and volatile. Don’t be more entangled in the market to chase up and down. It is recommended to grasp the relationship between the volume and price of individual stocks and the technical status of rallies when the main force maintaining the stability and protection of the market hotspots is controlled by lightning. If you need help, please follow our daily closing comments and live room dynamic comments to provide you with opportunities for large-cap individual stocks to operate. (The above comments are for reference only)

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