Relying on the cover to make men collectively orgasm! China’s largest magazine has finally overturned?

Played the sexiest 6th “Men’s Wear”, but turned over because of sexy.

Last month, “Men’s Dress” was scolded badly for shooting a set of “sexy” portraits for Li Xueqin.

In the past, which female celebrity appeared on “Men’s Clothing”, everyone was all onlookers and praised, but when she came to the talented girl Li Xueqin of Peking University, she was rejected by netizens on the hot search.

The sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe opened up a way of sexy marketing for “Playboy”, and the subsequent bunny girl made it popular all over the world.

但《花花公子》能熬过这么多年,不只是性感女星。来自媒体号Ellemen Rui Shi评论说:这是一部披着情色外衣的文艺史。




The same is true of “Men’s Clothing”, a magazine founded by a state-owned enterprise, despite a lot of controversy, but can last for so long, basically because it is not an “erotic magazine” in its bones.

In the past, after reading the content of “Men’s Clothing”, I felt that it was just a men’s fashion magazine with a relatively open cover. The topic and quality of the content were all online, and the cover could also be photographed with high-level sexiness.

Even many of the covers of “Men’s Clothing” have been called gods, because what everyone sees is not only the superficial sexy, but also the personality in the bones.


The editor of “Men’s Wear” has said that at the beginning of the publication, a bottom line was set: sex appeal not only to men, but also to make women not disgusted. This is the measure of sexiness.

Especially when the environment is not good, “Men’s Clothing” should make the content harder, instead of forcing the talented Li Xueqin to be sexy.

Let Li Xueqin assume the most uncomfortable posture, this kind of eyeball “sexy” is not only not advanced, but readers are also unwilling to pay.


Virtue is a prerequisite for deep temptation, and creativity and connotation are the stepping stones to high-level sexy. The sexy cover that is responsible for drainage should not be a burden to high-quality content.


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