July 06 (Tuesday) Market Outlook: Protecting the market for self-help, the market has not yet fallen through

July 06 (Tuesday) Market Outlook: Protecting the market for self-help, the market has not yet fallen through

1. Tomorrow’s prediction: protect the disk to save itself, the market has not yet fallen through

Monday’s disk review:

The three major A-share indexes fluctuated and consolidated, and finally ended up slightly collectively. The turnover of the two cities reached one trillion yuan.

Monday news review:

Today’s news includes: China’s Caixin Composite PMI in June was 50.6, the previous value was 53.8. China’s Caixin service industry PMI was 50.3 in June, with the previous value of 55.1 and the expected value of 54.9.

Game analysis of tomorrow:

The Shanghai-Shenzhen Index opened lower and oscillated higher during the day. There was a small net inflow of institutional funds throughout the day. The initiative was average. The long-term strength mainly came from the main self-help of the stock and the game-driven rise of short-term funds. The market has not completely fallen through. This trend is short-term continuity. It is not strong, and it is possible to build a fall relay. It is expected that the SSE 50 index will reach the 3350 area (note: not the Shanghai index), and the market will basically bottom out.

Tomorrow’s trend: shock resistance

Tomorrow’s interval: 3520-3550 points

Risk level: ★★★☆☆

Position control: 50%

Operational strategy: Focusing on mid-year report performance stocks selling high and buying low, swing operation.

2. Opportunities in the sector: the logic of transformation is expected to be fulfilled gradually, and the brokerages welcome the pre-increasing performance

Monday’s hotspot analysis review: most industry sectors closed up, and non-ferrous metal sectors rose sharply.

Funds in and out of the sector on Monday: From the perspective of capital flow, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, electronic devices, electronic information, aviation and other sectors have the largest inflows of funds, of which capital inflows from the non-ferrous metals sector exceed 37 million yuan. In terms of capital outflows, the financial, food, power, chemical fiber, and power generation equipment sectors led the large-scale capital outflows, among which the financial sector capital outflows exceeded 122 million yuan.

1. Securities:

Can pay attention to: Caida Securities, Xiangcai Shares, Bank of China Securities, etc.;

2. Electricity:

Can pay attention to: GCL Energy Branch, Funeng shares, Guodian Power, etc.;

3. Media and entertainment:

Can pay attention to: Xinhua Winshare, Broadcasting Network, China Science and Technology, etc.

Three, Tongcheng New Materials (603650) photoresist + biodegradable plastic two-wheel drive

The company is optimistic about the company’s strategic layout: through the horizontal and vertical extension of the industry chain, Tongcheng New Materials adheres to the “one body and two wings” development strategy, deepens the main business of special materials for vehicles, and actively deploys electronic chemicals and biodegradable plastics. The golden track realizes two-wheel drive and steadily advances to the world’s leading comprehensive service provider of new materials. We are optimistic about the company’s strategic layout.


July 06 (Tuesday) Institutional survey layout: stable, interim report performance exceeded expectations, and the institution got on the bus

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