Catch the core track! Huaxia Fund Xuanwei: the stock market is not suitable for retail investors to make money by game

Xuanwei, chief strategic analyst of Huaxia Fund, was invited to share his investment secrets.

In the past two years, with the lowering of the financial threshold, financial groups are becoming younger and younger. The “post-80s” and “post-90s” have become the main body of financial management, and their financial awareness is very strong. However, we must avoid the “pit”, and mastering certain investment methods is the first step to enter the market.

Xuanwei said that financial management should first adhere to a scientific, rational and correct investment concept. We should not be in a hurry for success or short-term prosperity. We should know our investment goal and risk tolerance.

In stock market, the first is to have strong research ability of macro fundamentals, and the second is to have strong trading ability, so as to obtain investment income in stock market. However, in the future, stock market will become more and more institutionalized, which is not suitable for individual customers to make money by game.

In the long run, the three best core tracks of a shares are medicine, technology and consumption. It corresponds to the changes of the three macro inflection points of China’s macro-economy. If we look at it from a longer-term perspective, we should excavate long-term investment opportunities from these three core tracks.

The concept of investment is very important, adhere to long-term investment goals

First of all, financial management should adhere to scientific, rational and correct investment concept. We should not rush for success or pursue short-term sudden wealth. We should know our investment goal and risk tolerance ability. If investors are too radical, they may take too much risk and suffer great losses.

Second, we should adhere to the goal of long-term investment. When you try to judge the short-term change law of a thing, it is easy to make mistakes, and the probability of making mistakes in judging the short-term trend is very high. However, if we make the short-term problems long-term in the general direction of development, the certainty of long-term investment will be very strong. In the current era, it is an effective strategy to accumulate long-term wealth to pursue the direction of long-term laws in line with the development trend of the times and invest in the fields with the most growth prospects.

Third, we should adhere to the power of compound interest. Compound interest is very important to realize the long-term rapid appreciation of assets. It is very helpful to realize the growth of assets by effectively investing the money of investment income and combining the two effects of time and compound interest.

The law of reasonable allocation of family assets is “4321”

Xuanwei said that the proportion of household assets allocation is very important. First, it is suggested that 10% of assets should be kept liquid for a rainy day; Second, 20% of the assets are defined as life saving money, which should be invested in absolutely safe assets; Third, 30% of the assets can be invested in high-risk and high return assets, which can be partial equity funds, equity funds or index funds; The fourth is that 40% of the assets are characterized as breakeven and value-added. The investment risk return of this part of funds is between the second and the third. The representative products are fixed income + of commercial banks and secondary debt base of fund companies.

The above allocation law is “4321”, which is a relatively reasonable and scientific allocation of household assets.

Funds and stocks are suitable for different types of investors

Xuanwei believes that there is a great difference between stocks and funds. For stock customers, first, they should have relatively strong research ability on macro fundamentals. Second, they should have relatively strong trading ability to obtain investment income in the stock market. However, in the future, the stock market will become more and more institutionalized, which is not suitable for individual customers to make money by game.

The fund is suitable for investors who lack time and energy to study the capital market. These investors can use the fund as a long-term financial management tool to pursue the value preservation and appreciation of assets.

In the process of fund selection, we should first make our own financial planning and clear our own risk preference characteristics. Second, we need to understand and learn about funds. The risk return and characteristics of different funds, such as stock funds and bond funds, are so different that we need to keep learning. Third, when investing in a class of funds, it is necessary to conduct screening and screening. There are a large number of funds in the whole public offering fund market, and scientific methods should be used to screen, such as looking at historical performance and withdrawal.

Fund managers and investment research team are the key factors, and the withdrawal mentality should be calm

Xuanwei said that to buy a fund is to give money to the fund manager to help manage and invest. It is very important to choose a fund manager with rich investment experience, outstanding stock selection ability and excellent risk control ability. In addition, the support of the strong investment and research team behind the fund manager is also very important.

In the event of withdrawal, the first thing to learn is financial market knowledge. The higher the professional level, the more capable of independent thinking and objective and calm judgment, which will help overcome some of the shortcomings of human nature. Second, in the process of investment, we should form our own investment framework and a set of perfect and mature investment logic. We should not be easily tempted or afraid to interfere with our own judgment. Third, we should focus on long-term investment, because the drastic fluctuations in the market are periodic. It is conducive to overcome the psychological and emotional fluctuations to calm down and focus on the long term. Fourth, to effectively control expectations, bull market rise does not earn the last copper, the market does not have to panic, fell to the bottom of the time to pay attention to add positions or fill positions.

The core track of HENGQIANG is medicine, technology and consumption

Xuanwei believes that the law of constant strength of A-share winners will still come true, and the decline of stocks will bring better investment opportunities to core assets. In the next one to two years, the profit growth of core assets will not be a problem, and the background of low interest rate and low growth will not change fundamentally. The valuation of core assets with sustainable growth ability will be slowly pushed up in the end. The core assets that have fallen a lot this year will have the stock price and valuation repaired in the next two years. At present, they may have better opportunities to participate.

Second, in addition to the strong, we should actively explore potential high-quality targets that may become tomorrow’s core assets in some small and medium-sized enterprises with market value, new shares and sub new shares.

In the long run, the three best core tracks of a shares are medicine, technology and consumption. It corresponds to the changes of the three macro inflection points of China’s macro economy, medicine corresponds to the inflection point of China’s aging population structure, long-term development of science and technology depends on the inflection point of total factor productivity, consumption corresponds to the inflection point of China’s household saving rate, or the general trend of consumption upgrading, It is from these three core tracks to explore long-term investment opportunities.

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